About Me


Caylin Louis Moore is the author of A Dream Too Big: The Story of An Improbable Journey from Compton to Oxford, which has been featured by Good Morning America, Home and Family, ABC News, NBC LA, and the 700 Club amongst others. Caylin grew up in the Compton, Carson, and South Central Los Angeles area of California. After undergraduate studies at Texas Christian University, he went on to become a 2017 Rhodes Scholar. Caylin is a recent graduate of the University of Oxford in England where he earned his master’s degree. Caylin aspires to become a university professor, and is currently applying to doctoral programs in sociology. He dreams of researching and affecting the urban sociological issues that inform the story of his exodus from an impoverished background and a gang-ridden community. His eye-opening, inspirational story proves that, contrary to what others told him on his journey, there is no such thing as a dream too big